Why CBC Lighting?

Whether it's providing lighting for a New York convention centre, Las Vegas casino, high end specialty boutique, department store, landmark property, airport or municipality, or a fortune 500 company, when it comes to large scale lighting purchases, CBC Lighting is the company of choice. With its loyal and satisfied customer base of wholesalers in both Canada and United States, CBC Lighting has established itself as a prompt provider that never fails to deliver the goods.
Clients of CBC Lighting have come to regard the company as a beacon of light. No matter how obscure or difficult their lighting needs, CBC Lighting will rise to the challenge. As Long time lighting experts, Abraham Schnitzler and his team of associates are intimately aware of industry trends and the specific needs and problems facing lighting wholesalers and distributors. The company's intimate knowledge of everything from best selling items, to locating hard to find and discontinued products makes CBC Lighting an industry leader.